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Storytelling is to tell stories related to a company, a product or a service to create a special connection with customers (or potential customers). In other words, turning an idea or message on a little story that is of the audience’s interest. Versus conventional advertising, storytelling has advantages such as: building trust, be easy to remember and to tell, appeal to the emotional side and create a greater connection with the public. As we remember stories from small, storytelling in the marketing allows for an emotional connection between the narrator and his audience that makes the message lasts more time.

Storytelling can be also worked as interactive stories. The viewer or reader not only receives the message, it is hooked to the story through an emotional bond. It is therefore essential to create interactive experiences and generate relevant and useful content.

Diapasó analyzes the needs of the brand and what their customers expect it to design a customized campaign storytelling, from script to production and postproduction.


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