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A QR (quick response code) code is a two-dimensional barcode (bidi) in a simple square (a matrix characterized by a series of points on the inside and three corners that detect the position of the code reader) stores lot alphanumeric information. To retrieve this information need only a smartphone with a QR reader, a tablet or ultimately Any mobile device with a camera, an application to read codes, and internet in the case of content on the network.

QR codes can encode much more data than traditional bar codes are read quickly and they also serve as a link between the physical world and information on the network: for example, just to scan with your mobile phone the code of a product we are expanding the information on it, to take the corresponding website.

Some of the uses of QR codes are lead to applications, websites, blogs, promotional or product information, contact details of the company … And all this in a very comfortable and free to the user. It is a resource with great potential, since it represents an interactive experience between consumer and product. Thus, the use of QR codes adds value, since that entails the engagement or customer involvement with the company.

Diapasó offers services specific content creation and microsites adapted for mobile devices and generating QR codes and use implementation strategies.


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