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A content management system or CMS (Content Management System) is a program that lets you create a support structure (framework) for creating and managing content on web pages, that is, a series of tools to maintain web easily, in an environment that enables the updating, maintenance and expansion of the web with multiple users.

Its advantages are ease, without programming knowledge or layout, cuaquier user can add content, and allows collaboration of several authors in the same job. In short, what you get is self-management of the site by the company, no longer necessary to the performance of a professional webmaster, and the interaction of multiple users.

According to their use and functionality we can talk about different content management systems, such as blogs, forums, wikis, e-commerce or digital releases, among others.

It diapasó program web pages with integrated management systems content, specifically designed to meet customer needs. It also offers a support service for any questions or problems that may arise in the management of the page.


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