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The branded content is a new way of understanding advertising communication, in which the ads will not interrupt the viewer while consuming another product, but the brand message is encapsulated in a format that the viewer itself you want to receive. No company advertising in an audiovisual product is included; from product design, it is intended to advertise the brand. The branded content can consist of videos, interviews, tutorials, applications, social network profiles, blog entries, games …

Thus, it no longer seeks cause a rapid effect with a short video (current spot) but tell a story. The message becomes an experience that engages and loyalty to the viewer or user. We are facing the advertiser funded content and appeal to consumers, but competing for audiences with other channels, so it must be a quality product.

The aim of this new advertising, whether in television, is on the Internet, is to offer the viewer a product that you feel like seeing each other, rather than cause them to refuse. That is, to please rather than attack him. And if you like the content, you’ll like the brand. Thus, it is a less intrusive, more personalized and value added advertising.


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